Month: December 2007

  • New Year’s Eve

    Why is it that I’m not at all fussed this year with the new year? 2007 was a good year, and 2008 should be a good one too, but… ah well. I’m just enjoying this holiday. Mmm summer.

  • Movie Review – Quickie Edition IV

    Balls of Fury – bwahahaha! :D Love this kind of movie that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. ★★★★ Rush Hour 3 – Can you ever go wrong with a Jackie Chan movie? Makes the first two Rush Hours look like paragons of plot complexity in comparison, but it is the same old formula and […]

  • Bastard Operator from Hell

    The Bastard Operator from Hell (a.k.a. BOFH): Tales from your friendly Sys Admin that go back to 1995 (!)

  • The Shortest Day

    There’s something ethereal about a low, thick fog that somehow leaves the night sky mostly clear. The halos of the street lamps contrasted with the bright moon overhead as the chill really set in. It was the shortest day of the year, and I was walking over the Thames, thinking of how I was doing […]

  • Savage Chickens

    Not sure if I’ve linked to this already – Savage Chickens: Daily comics on post-it notes. Mmmm, random humour.

  • Emails

    If there’s one thing I can affirm as the scourge of my daily working experience, it is emails. And within the world of email, it’s the reply to all button. Do not use the reply to all button in anger. >.>

  • Intersection

    Intersection: “The man in the wheelchair pushed a straw into his soda, and I watched from my heated seat, wondering for the second time if maybe he’d lost his legs to Diabetes. Coke, Diet Coke. It seemed like such an important decision.” Dammit, Fish, I’m trying to work here.

  • Err

    I live! Just. Stuff has been happening, but nothing blog-worthy (or blog-able), and no ponderous thoughts have been appearing either, which leads to a general twiddling of thumbs. So what does one do when one has nothing to discuss? One… talks about the weather. And can I just say once more, it is bloody freezing […]

  • Movie Review: The Golden Compass

    Ok, I get the idea of alternative universes. I even dig the concept of a semi-steampunk world where people’s souls are ‘outside their bodies’, and exist as anthropomorphic animals that may or may not have the ability to speak (dependent on the importance of the character). I can even follow the idea of Nicole Kidman… […]

  • Woo Haitus

    On break, this week is all kinda nuts at work; next week probably will be too. In the mean time… keep a watch on, maybe.