Playing with the iPhone

  • Smaller than I expected
  • But slicker than I expected – the sheer speed/responsiveness of the interface beats the crap out of practically any phone, smart or otherwise, I’ve played with.
  • Initial layout a little confusing. I expected the “main tasks” (Phone, Web, Mail, Music) at the top, instinctively. You would get used to it, yeah, but for at least 10 seconds I was searching the main block of icons for the “Music” section.
  • Mobile Safari – could do better, though it’s a far better implementation than nearly any mobile browser I’ve seen yet.
  • The keypad: ugh. ugh ugh ugh. A struggle, pure and simple, especially with my bigger fingers, and the lack of tactile feedback is an issue for speed too. “Autocorrect” saves going back and typing again though, and is pretty easy to use.  “Go” button in browser keyboard stupidest idea evar because it’s so damn easy to accidentally brush.
  • Music – wow, this has got to be the coolest part. The iPod is more intuitive, however, and in my (brief) experience the iPhone is less responsive. Text based search would be cool.
  • Overall, as everyone has pretty much already said, a slick little device from Apple; it’s got its place though, and I think it’s pretty unlikely that I’d get (or have much use for) this first round effort.

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Oh, don’t doubt it, I’m impressed – in the world of ‘smart’ mobile devices, it’s the best out there hands down. I’m not impressed by the keyboard, but other than that it is plenty gorgeous. I guess my thing is that it’s expensive as hell, and I do still prefer the more traditional devices for whatever reason.

I’ve been very impressed with my iTouch so far. I do agree that the keyboard is fairly useless though. It also doesn’t respond to stylus input.

I’d assume that the iPhone would?

They’re saying that for Europe too, and while I think it’s not been quite the ginormous success in the UK that it was in the US, it’s certainly got a few people converted; it is after all a very slick device.

The thing I liked so much about the iPods is that the scroll wheel landed you right back at the top of the cycle when you completed one circle, so scrolling through a large list was easy. This one feels a little more like the inefficient scrolling of the touchpad – scroll down, lift fingers, move to top, scroll again – it’s a repetitive action that gets old fast. This guy certainly has the right idea, I think, though it’s questionable how that’d be implemented outside of the music interface.

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