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I told Kirsty I’d tell these stories one day, so here they are.

The first

My first – proper – crush was ‘A’, and she didn’t look at me at all; I adored her for all the wrong, infantile reasons. We would have conversations which I would take away, manipulate and make myself feel good about things, and pretend like there was something reciprocal there.

Hah, what a lie. She crushed any such ideas swiftly, and I haven’t spoken to her in years. I got over it quick. Looking back now, it’s very much a “what were you thinking?” feeling.

She taught me to recognise shallowness, and that I should avoid it like the plague.

The second

My second crush was also an ‘A’ (but a different ‘A’). She was as cute as a button, and I assumed that her ever-smiling face was her, and that it was all very chill. It was a time at which I could devote my time to obsessing over these things, and so I did.

I think I was probably even more of a fool this time – I took a small sample of her life and thought it was all I needed to know. I proved myself to be a bit of an ass at best, immature as before but only slightly wiser for it.

Eventually, it was all patched over. To this day however, if she turned to me and said “yes”, I’d gladly drop all else; she does stay that special to me.

She taught me not to assume or to obsess; it was a proper lesson, and one I bear in mind today.

The third

The third came some time later – I’d let things lie for a year and more, and while there were occasional infatuations, nothing quite blew out to a full blown crush. Until ‘B’ (no, I’m not trying to go through the alphabet). This time, I was a lot more mature about things, or at least I told myself.

Every time I said her name, it’s like I could smell her close again. Mature? hah.

Maybe if I’d let things cruise as they were, slowly and inexorably, it would have played out differently. I made the mistake of impatience, of wanting to force the issue, and in the most amateurish way – almost by textbook. I was so nervous it felt like my stomach was shrinking into a black hole. On the surface, I played it cool (I heard my voice crack; “oh the folly!” my inner voice screamed), but afterwards I berated myself for moving so early.

We stayed friends, but somehow found ourselves drifting apart. I’d still gladly accompany her to the ends of the earth, but only because I know it’d be an adventure in her company.

She taught me how to open up and just be – it wasn’t a lesson learnt at the end, but rather continuously in her presence, and the reason that lay behind why I wanted to stay with her forever.

The fourth

The fourth came amidst so many other things that it almost snuck up on me, as I realised that hang on, I really did feel something here. ‘E’ was … complex. Far more so than nearly any I’d encountered, in so many ways, and she was open about things too. I felt so comfortable, I wondered what might have happened in an alternative life.

We talked and talked and talked; the sun rose and the sun set and we had not a care for the hands of the clock, nor the demands of the world. We debated life and the actions of humans from a personal perspective to the global views. I was almost afraid she would bore of me and move on, leaving me in the lurch.

I never told her. I took the safe bet, to keep silent, and subsumed any feeling for the longer term goal; our continued friendship was something far more valuable.

She may know, she may not; this, indeed, may tell her clear. Perhaps time cleanses things, because now, I don’t have that same sheer intensity of feeling. I would gladly oblige her anything, if only to see her all-too-rare smile, to hear her crack another joke and we can laugh together to hold back the flood.

Her lesson to me? Patience.

The others

Sure, there are and were others; ‘C’, ‘F’, ‘K’, another ‘C’, ‘M’, ‘L’, ‘H’, ‘J’, another ‘E’, another ‘F’, ‘O’, ‘N’, yet another ‘E’, ‘R’, even ‘T’, some might say; each, perhaps more infatuation than a serious crush, but each with their own little lesson for me – and all part of life as I know it.

(post 500!)

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*smiles* thankies for the stories :)

gosh, i wish i’d had so many crushes on people. now that i think about it i had a crush on one or more of my tutors in first year :P damn slightly older men in positions of authority! ;)

i understand, there are a few guys that i’ve had some kind of attraction to and might have spent an evening (or two) thinking about, but wouldn’t classify as crushes.

i seem to chose the unattainable to have crushes on. i’ve never told anyone who i had a crush on that i liked them.

[also, i always thought you might have be keen on an “E” … *smiles*]

Is it wrong for me to mentally try and work out as many of those as I can? :P Congrats on post 500 by the way, this is pretty much the only blog I still read on a daily basis.

hahah as if you’d forget! With the exception of the first one, I’m still friends with all of them, so if they do figure it out… well ^_^

kirsty: you’re not alone in your choices, nor not telling them :) which ‘E’ are you referring to though? You don’t know either, but I have told you about one (and I thought I’d told you that full story…)

nathan: cheers mate :D 500 isn’t that hard to chew through in a couple of years, surprisingly – and 200 of those are asides (the links) so maybe little bit of a misnomer? ^^;

interesting stories… funny how meaningless and inane my own “crushes” were. I’d sooner forget them. I haven’t truly been attracted to many people in my life. Lucky/unlucky you?

haha, ok, I think people are misunderstanding a little… the “main four” were the seriously-fell-for-the-girl style ones, while the ones which are all letters at the end are more the “hey, she’s cute/pretty/gorgeous/sexy/smart/witty/the-whole-enchilada… I wonder if…” :) I dunno, maybe I do fall too easily for the ladies? :D

I did write something similar about the fourth, but in very vague and nebulous terms, and in a fit of paranoia i yanked it right after (see this post)

(to tell the truth, I had deja vu writing it, but I searched and tried to find what it may have been to no avail)

I could be wrong, but I think we understood the distinction :)

I agree with kahiti, i’ve never been overly attracted to a huge number of guys.

I’ve been told it’s because the large majority of men are of about equal attractiveness. There’s not a lof of variety (apparently that’s because of the Y-chromosone), unlike with women where there are a number of different attributes and combinations of attributes so that there are more women who are uniquely attractive. Most people would agree there are more attractive women then there are attractive men.

I see a crush as being when you find someone attractive, you like their personality and you’re unable to make a move/they seem unterested/they’re taken. Just finding someone attractive is different :)

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