Month: October 2007

  • NaNoWri/Remo

    NaNoWriMo starts again tomorrow: I finally managed to kick it last year with a sub-par-rushed-to-finish entry, and this year… I’m not going to even start. I don’t have that key plot point I had last year – a single image/scene to work off – so I’m not bothering. On the other hand, NaNoReMo (Reading as […]

  • more blah

    more of the same, again. I want to remember the days when I had something to reach for – someone perhaps? – that made me rise up. I want to be sucked into an unreality, something that has me rushing home to do something other than wander the net again. Maybe that’s it – maybe […]

  • Post-Interview

    So obviously I can’t talk about what happened, but I think it went alright. I didn’t trip over any taboo areas, didn’t spill on anything, and ended up being less nervous than the interview subject :) On the other hand, now my boss thinks I can do it -_-; I find more and more that […]

  • Further reason to stay in a tropical zone

    Yesterday, as I’m about to go for a shower, I go downstairs to check if the boiler is on, the water hot – that’s one thing that London certainly does differently, unlike in Sydney where I just have hot water all the time – and I find my housemate peering into a tiny little hole […]

  • Interviewing?!

    ME?! What the hell?!

  • Twitter Cookbook

    Recipes in 140 characters: People get creative with these things :) (via)

  • Still pushing the sky

    Pushing the sky has had its stay of execution, and for now lives on for at least another year. Now, for me to actually go do something with it. What say you to the prospect of a forum again? (Yes yes, I know, but I’m partial to forums okay?)

  • Possibly just me

    While reading this: I laffed. But it’s probably just me.

  • Advice on Buying a Coat

    When buying a coat, remember to consider the following: Pockets. Proper pockets you can really jam you hands into. You can’t imagine how important this is until it’s 7:30 in the morning and there’s a bit of a breeze blowing. Check that it fits over your usual work stuff. A coat is not a substitute […]

  • Is it Christmas?

    Is it Christmas yet? Pop this in your kids’ RSS readers.