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Handheld amusement ahoy!

So, I be thinkin’ ’tis high time I got me a handheld gamin’ …

… ok so forget the pirate thing for a minute.

I’m considering buying either the PSP or the DS. Lite edition of either, I guess, as that’s what’s available. I’m not sure of a couple of things, so I must consult my ever present friend, teh internets.

Question for those of you who have both: Which is better? =D

Questions for those of you who have either:

  1. Name one stand out game I must get (Other than – PSP: Lumines. DS: Mario Kart DS, because I already know)
  2. Name one stand out feature I will appreciate.
  3. Battery life?
  4. Is it really that good?
  5. Anything else I should take into account?
  6. How much did you pay? (I have to think whether to buy it here or after I get back)

Question for those of you who have neither: so, how you doin’? what do you want from London? :)

22 replies on “Handheld amusement ahoy!”

The DS definitely has a much more interesting portfolio of games.

The PSP has a more broader range of functions that is non gaming related, but then again, how many mp3 player do you need? And the PSP is a bit too big to use just purely on it mp3 capabilities.


1. Trauma Centre
2. Touch screen, new way of playing games
3. Excellent
4. Yes, but mine is gathering dust
5. It’s popular with girls, and it’s small
6. 299?


1. Initial D
2. Graphics and sound, other media-related functions
3. Ok, but would recommend a spare battery
4. Yes, but mine is gather even more dust than the DS
5. Games on the PSP tends to be more adult targetted
6. Too much

I would recommend the DS. Note that alot of the good DS games are not available in Australia since it’s Jap-only.

PSP is cool, is powerful, is multi-talented, but alot of the games are basically PS2 game ports. And expensive.

Btw, when you say forget about pirate, do you mean talking or ………
Because I think DS will go well for pirates ^___^

DS. A million times: the DS.

I’ve casually toyed with both handhelds and the DS is just better. The PSP is ugly and angular and there are no fun games. Pirating games is easier though. But it’s junky and it’s basically a portable PSX.

The DS requires some sort of a memory card reader to pirate games but thats neither here nor there. The important thing is the DS is a far more social device and you can engage other casual DS players and there are still plenty of games coming out for the DS that aren’t half-assed ports of console games. You’re a big anime nerd so you’ll love the selection of cutesy Japanese stuff. The touchscreen is also a lot of fun, I spent a few hours playing some crazy rhythm game called Elite Beat Agents and it was just so awesome in terms of controls and story (yes, STORY!).

Look at the sales charts. The DS is hugely popular and developers are flocking to it. Multiplayer is pretty darned fun since you can share certain games with people and really the PSP is bollocks for its other functions because you already have an iPod.

easy on the big anime nerd accusation there – I haven’t watched new anime since probably early last year.

I know the DS is selling bajillion times more than the PSP, but I want to know whether that’s just because of Pokemon (what is it, Pearl or something now?) or because there’s actual games for everyone else.

Having played with the PSP for a couple of weeks – thanks Kelson :) – I do think the media features are pretty good, and Lumines is a game I can play for hours on end without blinking. Game sharing is on the PSP for selected games too.

My iPod is the pre-colour or video series (4G), so it lacks the multimedia features anyway.

Buy Kelson’s DS if it’s covered in dust. Save money and help a friend recoup some costs. :P

Hmm… looking at the very unofficial and inaccurate charts, it looks like it is the cutesy games that are leading the way on the DS. They’ve sold roughly twice as many DS’s as PSP’s and twice as many DS games this year.

If it helps, there’s a cute girl that catches my bus and she plays her DS all the way home.

I speculate that the DS is popular for the exact same reasons the Wii is popular. Personally, I hate most of Microsoft’s products but the 360 is something I’d gladly pick because it’s got the media features and the games that I like. Go with the PSP if you feel the same way but understand that you might be called upon to defend the PS3.

Sorry, my DS is not for sale. Every now and then comes a game that makes me want to blow the dust off it again.

Knowing you, I would recommend the PSP because you would love the gorgeous graphics it has compared to the DS. You might also find the video function useful.

However if it was a stranger, I would recommend the DS because it has games that are more fun to play with.

DS is definitely the better portable gaming system.

But we have doubts whether you would be satisfied with just a gaming system, hence the PSP suggestions.

What’s with the backflipping? This line of responses is known as the “shut up and buy it already” technique.

The red dress or the black dress; near enough it makes no difference; don’t like seafood but not in the mood for something heavy; shut up and buy it already.

If you’re having that much trouble deciding, maybe it’s because you don’t really want a handheld and you just want to spend money. Buy some books instead.

already buying books. haven’t come down one side or the other on this because i’ve got to have some reason to get out of the office at lunch, even if it’s just to wander to the electrical store after food.

Also, leaving the choice open in vain hope of getting someone else’s opinion. Alas, unlikely it seems.

kelson: yeah, Crisis Core would rock…………….. what about both?! =/

neither (yet)! like I said, this was more likely for me to get when I get back to Aus. Charger and all that, warranty.. etc etc.

How’s the holiday? Get back sooner rather than later mate, we need all hands on deck!

Holiday is great. Seeing quite alot of places around tokyo.

I checked my email before i left for japan and all looks well! What could possibly happen in 2 weeks? Noone else resigned right?

I will be back at work oct 22. I might check my email when I get back to HK,but I seems to have forgotten my password :D

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