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WordPress w/Tags

Updated to WordPress 2.3 without too much difficulty; seems like things are running pretty cruisy around here, without too many headline changes beyond the tags.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of tags, as it seems a little bit of categorical overkill, so for the moment I’m holding back, tagging posts but not showing the tags until I convince myself that they’ve got a point. Maybe I’m missing the point; tags are pretty useful over on flickr, and I’ve even embraced them somewhat on, but for some reason the blog seems like a last-bastion.

What else has been happening? Not too much. Spent half of today working, unfortunately – Reuters decided nigh on 4000 of their identification codes for stocks had to be changed this weekend, and so more than a few IT teams around the world would have been scrambling to change. To make things worse, some codes were reused. For example, on Friday, BAY.DE meant one thing (a bank of some sort) and on Monday, i’tll mean British Airways stock on the German exchange. Reuters, truly you are messed up.

Other than that, I’ve been using my tumblelog a little like Twitter, and that’s got me thinking if this twitter nonsense has any point; again, it comes back to the “overkill” theory, not to mention the sheer inanity. A blog might be a diary, but a twitter is akin to a running commentary – and who wants that? (Clearly a whole lot of people, though I would suggest the web geeks for the most part yet. Twitter will not get you laid. At this point.

I have a month to reenew pushingthesky. Should I?


Insert All-Applicable Statement Here

London on 30-09-2007

Weatherman: I cannot be arsed guessing what Saturday will be like; good luck to you.

conversations with myself

Now I remember!

Rachel Bilson! That’s it!

(never mind, you wouldn’t get it anyway)

thinking too loud

4th Quarter Resolution

Primary Rule of Writing: Show, don’t tell.

Resolution: Stick to it, for frig’s sake.

the daily column

Common points

Last night, I went for dinner with some of my housemate’s friends. There were two Spaniards, a South African, a Turk, one Italian and two Polish, along with me (Australian-Indian) and my housemate (Korean). A more diverse bunch in so few I don’t think I’ve ever seen, crammed into a little London kitchen.

It’s amazing to see the world through the independent migrant’s eyes – even though I’m an immigrant in Australia, having lived there for so long and being with the family means that it’s not too far off “ordinary life” (for a given value of ordinary, of course). Here however, with no family nor close friends when most land up here, you very quickly establish close relationships, especially with those you live with. Should a new migrant walk in the door (in this case, me), they’re all very quick to open up and welcome gladly – it’s as though they’re saying, “here’s another like us; welcome, we know what you’re going through.”

It’s a whole world I never knew existed, and it’s gratifying to see it and be a part of it. (apologies for the clumsy writing, the head’s not in it today)


Is the Apple rotten?

Customers ask: Is Apple going rotten? I say it started with that charge for 802.11n. The accountants took over.

the daily column

Handheld amusement ahoy!

So, I be thinkin’ ’tis high time I got me a handheld gamin’ …

… ok so forget the pirate thing for a minute.

I’m considering buying either the PSP or the DS. Lite edition of either, I guess, as that’s what’s available. I’m not sure of a couple of things, so I must consult my ever present friend, teh internets.

Question for those of you who have both: Which is better? =D

Questions for those of you who have either:

  1. Name one stand out game I must get (Other than – PSP: Lumines. DS: Mario Kart DS, because I already know)
  2. Name one stand out feature I will appreciate.
  3. Battery life?
  4. Is it really that good?
  5. Anything else I should take into account?
  6. How much did you pay? (I have to think whether to buy it here or after I get back)

Question for those of you who have neither: so, how you doin’? what do you want from London? :)



Yarr! It be talk like a pirate day t’day! Avast ye!


Google Australian Election Site

Google has gone and set up an Election 2007 site for Australia: hey, thinking of the little guys down under. Props, Google.

the daily column


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