Month: September 2007

  • WordPress w/Tags

    Updated to WordPress 2.3 without too much difficulty; seems like things are running pretty cruisy around here, without too many headline changes beyond the tags. I’ve always been a little skeptical of tags, as it seems a little bit of categorical overkill, so for the moment I’m holding back, tagging posts but not showing the […]

  • Insert All-Applicable Statement Here

    Weatherman: I cannot be arsed guessing what Saturday will be like; good luck to you.

  • Now I remember!

    Rachel Bilson! That’s it! (never mind, you wouldn’t get it anyway)

  • 4th Quarter Resolution

    Primary Rule of Writing: Show, don’t tell. Resolution: Stick to it, for frig’s sake.

  • Common points

    Last night, I went for dinner with some of my housemate’s friends. There were two Spaniards, a South African, a Turk, one Italian and two Polish, along with me (Australian-Indian) and my housemate (Korean). A more diverse bunch in so few I don’t think I’ve ever seen, crammed into a little London kitchen. It’s amazing […]

  • Is the Apple rotten?

    Customers ask: Is Apple going rotten? I say it started with that charge for 802.11n. The accountants took over.

  • Handheld amusement ahoy!

    So, I be thinkin’ ’tis high time I got me a handheld gamin’ … … ok so forget the pirate thing for a minute. I’m considering buying either the PSP or the DS. Lite edition of either, I guess, as that’s what’s available. I’m not sure of a couple of things, so I must consult […]

  • Yarr!

    Yarr! It be talk like a pirate day t’day! Avast ye!

  • Google Australian Election Site

    Google has gone and set up an Election 2007 site for Australia: hey, thinking of the little guys down under. Props, Google.

  • Bleargh

    work work work work work work work work work work work wokr. wkro. lunch! wrok. work work work work. blah.