Monopoly Tour!

I remember playing Monopoly as a kid and thinking, “I’ve so got to visit all these places one day…” (what, no-one else?)

And now I’m here in London. And those streets on the Monopoly board? They’re real!

I know, I couldn’t believe it either. So I got my faithful Google Maps out and mapped it. And I’m going to tick it off one by one while I’m here =)

I’m not going to go all out and do it all in one day – that would be a pointless waste of time, right? But I am going to connive situations which land me near one of those spots, and whip the camera out to take evidence. Oh and look around too so next time I play, I know what I’m playing for.

The tour has begun! Check out my flickr monopoly tag =)

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  1. … kidding! of course I knew they existed. I was a geek, I looked the damn places up to check they were real (back in the days before google, so it was atlas work!)

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