Month: August 2007

  • The Ghosts of Markets Past

    20 years on: uh-oh. October 18 might be a good day to take a long view (or some extremely good short options).

  • Red Star

    Max Barry (of Jennifer Government and Company fame) put up a mini-comp to design a can for a promo for an upcoming movie of a book Max wrote (ain’t that a story all in itself) – and here’s my entry (may offend some; read Max’s post for details). Y’know what, I’m inordinately proud. Where the […]

  • Internets

    How come, in England, I can get 8mbit ADSL with unlimited downloads for £10 a month, but in Australia, I’d struggle to get anything close for $25? Screw the bush, I want decent service where I can get it. Honestly, as much as I am all for equal opportunity, I think the fact that the […]

  • Movie Review – Quickie Edition II

    A 19 hour flight is a spectacular time to catch up on movie watching… Shrek the Third: proves everything I say about third sequels. Out of ideas, rehash, etc. ★★, with difficulty. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: Would you believe I’d never seen this until this flight? I’d caught bits of it, but I’d […]

  • Holiday ahoy!

    My first proper holiday – in the sense that I’m not going somewhere new and possibly exciting, I’m just going to take it easy and relax – is about to begin! With a 20 hour flight ;_; Man, Australia really is a ridiculously long way away from the rest of the world/action. I’ll be in […]

  • Movie Review: Lord of War and The Bourne Ultimatum

    Lord of War Nicholas Cage plays the good-bad-guy as an arms dealer. And, um, that seems to be about it. Ok, so maybe that’s underplaying it a little, but this is fundamentally a bio-pic of a guy that doesn’t really exist (except for the fact that he’s a little like this guy). Cage is working […]

  • Theory of Smartness

    I have a theory as to why it was the English, and the Europeans more generally, who came to dominate the world, instead of say some racial group from the tropics, say. Something set these guys apart – something made them go out to other places and take over, something made them the inventive people […]

  • Pibbin’

    Keeping you abreast of the very latest on the net: Pibb is a new AJAXy browser-based IM/IRCesque messaging service. Sign in with an Open ID (e.g. Livejournal username or address) and message away. Get it while it’s hot.

  • Movie Reviews – Quickie Edition I

    Garden State: Totally do not get what the fuss was about. I think I fell asleep halfway through. ★★☆ The Last King of Scotland: somewhat like Blood Daimond, a struggle to get through purely because of the visceral depth of human drama on display – Africa really is a place that gets to you. Excellently […]

  • Elementary Economic theory

    A quick lesson in elementary economic theory, as it relates to the recent market instability: Gittins succinctly clears up what the central banks have been doing recently, which sounded an awful lot like they were throwing good money after bad.