Today’s news: Paris Hilton – will she get an iPhone?

Newsreader shreds, refuses to read Paris Hilton release lead story. Journalistic integrity FTW!

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That co-presenter is sooo passive aggressive. He’s condescending towards her stance on this because he thinks its a melodramatic gesture and at the same time he carefully plays up the Hilton story so he doesn’t look like the bad guy to his boss.

But really a lot of this Hilton backlash comes as a result of 1) Hilton’s overexposure, 2) criticism over the Anna Nicole story and 3) all sorts of White House fuck ups like declaring Cheney as being above the law. It’s become such a circus that this news anchor can’t lie to herself any more but when everything calms down will the discourse still be there?

haha, out of curiosity, how did Cheney get in there?! :) I’d agree in one sense though that this is an accumulation of all the crap that has come on recently, from Lohan’s multiple blunders, Britney’s crazyness, and The Great Anna Nicole Feeding Frenzy that was her death (and subsequent paternity case). But seriously: lead story? All that stuff was previously confined to the fluff bin at the end of the news when they ran out of real news. Now, it is news. They’ve run out of things that don’t depress the People too much, so they’ll feed them light hearted crap.

Cheney and his unbelievable antics in dodging the law when inconvenient should be accorded legendary status – Nixon didn’t have shit on the current administration.

Er…she just needs to be removed from the gene pool permanently. It’s a pretty simple proposition…

Personally, I find it disgusting that anyone would suggest killing Paris with any amount of seriousness. She’s a celebrity not a war criminal, there is no moral ground to be debated here.

Did you catch Sarah Silverman’s jokes about her at the MTV awards when she was sitting right there in the audience? Low. Shame Paris all you want for her extremely bad driving decisions but all this schadenfreude makes you look like a pack of vultures.

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