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Update in Summary

Ok quick update of what I’ve been up to the last week:

  • Working (naturally)
  • London Motor Expo (more later probably, with photos)
  • Wandering the West End (I was looking for a gallery – found it, couldn’t find the entry =S)
  • House-hunt researching
  • Drinking (only occasionally but more than Sydney) (pints are tough to get through)
  • Setting myself up here (phone, bank, etc)
  • Finding my way around (Until last week I’d get north & south wrong because of being in the wrong hemisphere)
  • Trying everything on the menu, day by day, at Wrap It Up (because it’s the closest I get to a cheap decent lunch)

The upcoming week:

  • Royal Ascot races (what to wear?!)
  • Rie fu gig
  • House-hunt progressing – relocation agent taking me to places (avoiding being in at work when our Biggest Release Ever goes in)
  • Farewelling my London boss (yeah that’s quick even for me)
  • Maybe meeting some people for flat share
  • Maybe meeting friend-of-a-family-friend who lives here
  • Um. That’s not bad so far for the week ahead right?

So, off to the races tomorrow! :)

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