Month: June 2007

  • Jury’s out on this one

    Place your bets! Which one is Sydney (Winter) and which one is London (Summer)?

  • Burned

    It’s approaching the end of the day, Friday. I’m getting ready to go to Option C to sign a contract or whatever – basically to finalise on the call I made the day before to say “yes.” When, ring ring… Me: “Hello, Karan here.” Caller: “Ah, hello Karan, this is Anna, from the…?” Oh, it’s […]

  • Hui-Ai = Em?

    There’s a comic in the London equivalent of the MX: (click for readable view) For some reason, Em (the blonde girl) reminds me of Hui-Ai. (so wish this comic was published online)

  • ‘Device’ Found in London

    Police have defused a bomb in Central London – Haymarket, in the West End (more at the BBC and Sky) I’m nowhere near it, but… shit. =/ Ed 1: One person has pointed out that “this was the location of a gay pride parade” scheduled for tomorrow. Another person points out that the car would […]

  • Today’s news: Paris Hilton – will she get an iPhone?

    Newsreader shreds, refuses to read Paris Hilton release lead story. Journalistic integrity FTW!

  • Help Me Decide!

    Trying to pick where to live. I have three options – two by myself, one share. Option A: Goldhawk Road Studio Apartment £180 per week Doesn’t include anything – have to pay electricity, phone, internet, water, TV (have to pay for a “TV license” here) rates on top Decently spec’d kitchen (albeit old appliances, no […]

  • A Litany of iPhone shortcomings

    I know, I know, the iPhone is all over the web this week. But here’s something to bust the bubble – interesting to consider that Apple missed these oh-so-common features when doing user-eval (I can only imagine they did – surely Jobs wasn’t the only evaluator, right?). Indeed, it seems like the iPhone was going […]

  • りえふ Gig

    Rie Fu had posted info about this gig on her blog and I was finally in London! So I found myself trekking through the rain from Turnpike Lane tube station to a tiny little restaurant-cum-bar called Viva Viva in Hornsey, in north London. The venue initially looked promising, but those without a reserved table were […]

  • It’s not London unless the skies are grey

    It just wouldn’t be London, even in summer, unless the skies were grey and the rain was a constant threat, right? That’s been true nearly every day now, with the only concession to summer being patches of sun that do appear in between. Motor Expo Hot, hot cars. This was no ordinary motor show – […]

  • Update in Summary

    Ok quick update of what I’ve been up to the last week: Working (naturally) London Motor Expo (more later probably, with photos) Wandering the West End (I was looking for a gallery – found it, couldn’t find the entry =S) House-hunt researching Drinking (only occasionally but more than Sydney) (pints are tough to get through) […]