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London Progress Report

So. Some may have heard I’m off to London. Some may also be wondering why I haven’t packed and left yet, mainly to shut my yapping about it. (It seems every second conversation I have these days is about the place/my imminent visit).

Indeed, I’ve already got my flight booked (June 9th) and a farewell of sorts organised (Drinks at the Argyle, Thu 7th), but the truth is… I’m still not sure when exactly I’m off. I’m waiting for my official visa (which consists of a residency permit and a work permit) to come back stamped from the embassy in Canberra, and that could arrive… on the 8th of June.

Which would be cutting it fine, to put it gently :) So I’m waiting and wishing the bureaucracy to be quick for once.

(Side note: The British embassy charges exorbitant rates to talk to a real person. We’re talking 1902-sex-line number here. I want to hang up the phone feeling really satisfied, paying $2.60 a minute. What a rort.)

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From here: “rort


to take unfair advantage of a public service for your own benefit”

a.k.a. a rip-off, a fraud, a racket, a scam… I didn’t realise it was only Australian :)

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