Singapore Sling is pretty damn sweet

Singapore is one of those places that hits a sweet spot: urban, cosmopolitan, inexpensive, and all year round great weather. That is, as long as you come from a location which is none of these things, and you don’t mind the fact that 10 minutes outside at midday will have roughly the same effect as a Swedish sauna.  And inside the building is roughly the same as going outside in a Swedish winter.

Hmm, funny that.

No, seriously, Singapore was good fun. So much fun I didn’t even think to blog about it,  and indeed still am very much in that kind of chill mood. I love the place and could very well move there with little qualms, what with it being pretty much in the centre of Asia, and English speaking to boot with a sensible currency (AU$ 1 = SG$1.20ish so it’s not like things are too different). The people are warm and friendly and taxis to get anywhere in the city centre cost about $4, which is entirely reasonable and ultraconvenient.

Somewhere between the 4 days of training, of which only two and a half were truly useful, we managed to get in a lot of food, drinking and partying, so I’d have to say it was the most fun I’ve had since my London trip last year =) I only wish we had more time!

Photos, or at least those that survived a mysterious and unexplained formatting, are on PicasaWeb or Facebook.