How the World Really Shapes Up

How the World Really Shapes Up: Maps modified in proportion to statistics. Pretty cool way of visualising statistics in relation to countries.


Spam: (n.) former problem of the internet

Akismet says: 15,309 spam comments blocked since I first installed it, about 9 months ago. 2 false positives that I’ve had to deal with.

GMail says: well not a lot cumulatively, but it’s been around 50 a day lately. Over two years, averaging at 25 spam/day, that’s 13,250 emails I haven’t had to deal with. Only one false positive that I can recall.

Assuming 10 seconds to deal with something like that, that’s about 80 cumulative hours I’ve saved. So if you don’t have Akismet or an effective mail filtering service…

… yeah, just thought I’d say that.