We need more promos like this

Red Bull/Toro Rosso F1 Promo-Movie: I know it’s a bit late, but it’s quite cool =)

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I agree with Chicky. That was booooooooring.

How sophisticated do the F1 audience really think they are? That ad felt like an idea for a fashion shoot taken too far. I can’t say that F1 ever really makes me think of espionage and gritty backstreets.

I’d flip it around and ask: what better promos have you seen for F1? Most teams would just have a generic “lookit we go fast around tracks”, while these guys at least got a little creative (albeit with a complete lack of connection between the start and the racing… but hey, it’s like a trailer right? :P)

Damn, it’s been removed.

But I would say, don’t tar everyone with the same brush. That’s the same as me turning around and saying Nascar is for a bunch of Texan rednecks who don’t know how to turn right. I know it’s not true as well as you do, but I don’t go around thinking I’m sophisticated just because I’m an avid follower of Formula One either.

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