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Ladies –

If in response to:

“Do I look fat (e.g. in this dress)?”

… which we all know is a loaded question, a guy, presumably your boyfriend, was to reply:

“No, there’s just more of you to kiss.”

… would he get away with it?



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Well. Speaking on behalf of all womenkind, I think the answer is: it depends.

But hey what do I know, I’m just one man in a world of, like, 3 billion men.

there is no way the guy will get away with it. If she does look fat, the answer “No, there’s just more of you to kiss.” is worse than telling the truth. It means the guys is sarcastic and a smart-ass to an issue that is really important to her, and that he is not sensitive at a time when she is feeling insecure.


As the only kissing you’d be doing from then on is arse-kissing, you’ll get what you deserve :P

oh dear, shot down in flaaaames :) of course the guy would be saying it lovingly and with purest intent.. guess not, huh? :D

(came up with this on the train this morning as i saw a girl complaining about being a little – i’d say very little! – chubby around the cheeks, and I thought: what if the boyfriend leaned in for a kiss?)

it does depend like always. For some girls its a bigger thing than to others, for some guys it would come off more asshole-ish than others.. I tend to agree with chocoholic though.

No in summary it’s totally show down if it were to remain completely devoid of context.

For instance: a man slapping a woman is a bad idea. But throw it in the right context and it’s a hilarious punchline in a teen movie. Maybe the man is a very skinny, topless Seth Green. And the woman is like a big 7-foot gorilla with a chainsaw and a nun’s habit.

It would be a fun challenge to try and write that piece of dialog into something that doesn’t make you roll your eyes at the cornyness or frustrated at what sort of woman would be gullible enough to jump into bed with someone like that.

Could you get away with saying it to your girlfriend? Noone knows except you and your girlfriend. Maybe you have a history of throwing lame pick up lines at one another and then pretending to be incredibly turned on by them.

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