You probably don’t want to hear this

Terribly Exciting: what the modern capitalist economy comes to be today. Read & re-read. (via)

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Waitaminute. You can SELL blood? Man, all this time I’ve been giving it away like a schmuck…

Basically another review of the class divide in the US, though, correct? I had a nice long paragraph about taking the two sides of remuneration (dictating pay for each job or letting the free market decide) and taking them to their logical conclusion, but…I lost my train of thought when I went to have dinner. >.

That’s exactly how I feel… I think. At any rate I live in west LA now as a college kid, and the opulence and superficiality I see in the culture around Beverly hills and parts of Westwood sickens me. I extend that to Hollywood… and their mind-numbing entertainment machine. (Bread and circuses) What disturbs me almost as much are the racial/ethno-religious connotations that I don’t want to make.

The middle class is still around though, I grew up there and almost everyone I know at college and home (in a different part of California) is like that. I’m not enough of an economist or sociologist (actually I’m not one at all!) to know whether its disappearing or not… I guess LA was my first extended run-in with the wasteful wealthy class and the sad people who strive to join them.

I think I want to link this article too…

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