A Whole Year!

I’ve been working a whole year! Only 44 more to go.

What have I got to show for it? Um… Not a whole lot. Sure, travel, experience, knowledge, all that kinda fuzzy stuff, but nothing I can “hold”, y’know?  It’s one of those things about working in an information-based industry, but I do occasionally hunger for something physical to be produced from my endeavours.

Is it just me?

5 Replies to “A Whole Year!”

  1. woohoo! congratulations… an about something physical–what kelson said. is there not some physical representation of the final product, if not the product itself, that you can put on your mantelplace or wall? not quite sure what you do so that’s about as far as i can go…

    travel and all the stuff is great–you’re so lucky to get that while you’re young! (at least you don’t have to wait 44 yrs)

  2. kelson: ha ha. smartarse.

    kahiti: it’s software, so it’s a little hard to get something physical, really, and since it’s internal it’s not like we’d get boxes or anything like that.

    and yeah, I don’t think you should wait to travel!

  3. er….withdraw all your money from all saving accounts ^___^
    there goes the physical evidence.

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