Month: January 2007

  • The Finger

    Having spent the last two days effectively giving people the finger, and a pretty ugly looking one at that, I can tell all you right handers: you have no idea how much you use your left hand’s middle finger. Ow.

  • Fighting Global Warming The American Way

    Fighting Global Warming, the American Way: Block out the Sun, duh! Who shot Mr. Burns? Not me!

  • Movies Jan 07

    Movies to watch at some point: (links to my review when posted) Happy Feet (teh cuteness + Robin Williams!) The Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith!) Babel (wanted to watch this for long time) Deja Vu (Denzel + Sci Fi) Blood Diamond (action) Breaking & Entering (Hope it’s like Closer) Epic Movie (bwahahaha) Flushed Away (how […]

  • Errk

    Well that didn’t go half so well as I imagined… I suppose no-one significantly noticed, but the site was down last night as I managed to bork it somehow while upgrading to WordPress 2.1. Things are more-or-less back to normal, at least from the front end, but it was a worthy kick-up-the-ass for attempting doing […]

  • Google to do maps flyover on Australia Day

    Google will do a flyover of Sydney’s city on Australia Day to get higher-res maps: They’re encouraging people to do something noticeable… ideas? :D

  • Things Which Cost More Than A Litre of Petrol

    Bottled Water Milk Juice Coffee Paint Inkjet Ink Shampoo … just about anything sold by volume. So why do we complain, again? >.>

  • OK Go

    OK Go – Treadmills (a.k.a. Here it Goes Again): Creative Music Video FTW!

  • C’est la vie

    My sister is having a helluva time deciding between Medicine and Dentistry. Factors favour each differently, with Med having the edge at the moment. One of her main concerns with Medicine, though, is that it will take such a long time – it’ll be approximately 12 to 13 years before she’s fully qualified, either as […]

  • CLI Theme

    A theme for Linux addicts: now that’s clever.

  • “Doctor Juneja”?!

    My sister got Med at Monash! Ed: And Dentistry in Adelaide!