Month: December 2006

  • Electric Sheep

    Ever found something that you’d always heard about, but never managed to track down for real? A feeling of satisfaction fills you as you realise that now, finally, you can find out exactly what everyone was blabbing about all these years. You might even expect it to be good, because, well, everyone talks about it, […]

  • Making Resolutions

    This sounds all too familiar >.>

  • 100 Things We Learnt in 2006

    The BBC lists 100 things we learnt in 2006: The Egg Came First.

  • 6 Lists of 6 for ’06

    6 Movies You Really Should Have Watched This Year Hoodwinked Casino Royale An Inconvenient Truth The Departed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Thank You For Smoking (n.b. yet to see Babel but expect it to be most excellent) 6 Songs I Played Much Too Much Frou Frou – Let Go Youth Group – […]

  • The MacBook Review

    I got me a MacBook. At dead on $2000, it’s the most expensive single purchase I’ve done yet. It’s the second most valuable thing I own. I cherish this baby. I’ve “donated” my desktop to the family, removing the need for the ye olde Pentium III that was their computing universe for the last seven […]

  • Gran Tourismo HD Concept

    I’m getting a PS3 as soon as this comes out. Oh my gawd that looks awesome. (never mind I never finished Gran Tourismo on either PS1 or PS2…)

  • Sticky Post

    Inspired by:

  • Merry Christmas… OR IS IT?!

    Someone tell me how we know the birthdate exactly, but the date of death shifts every year, according to a mysterious and complex formula they use to torture 1st year Computer Science students with. IT’S SO STUPIDLY COMPLEX! Bet you didn’t think about that before, did you? (Screw the PC crowd – Merry Christmas y’all!)

  • Huggable Explosives

    All I want for Christmas is some huggable bombs…

  • Federal Court says: Can’t link to copyright material

    The Federal court has ruled that simply linking to copyright material – not hosting – is “authorising infringement of copyright”. So, uh, I suppose, technically, this post is illegal because I’m linking to copyright material…