Thank you one and all for coming to the party! I had a great time, even if I didn’t eat or get to spend the time with each and everyone that you thoroughly deserve. I still have many a tale to tell from London, so there’s plenty of talk to be had.

Note for next time: (a) arrange DJ myself, and (b) organise after-thing beforehand, rather than expecting to come up with something on the spot.

ed: need photos from anyone who took them… I didn’t take my camera out nearly enough =(

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  1. The party was great fun, thanks for inviting us (Mel still feels guilty about not being able to go). Some of the music was even decent, in a kitschy-retro-school-dance way. :P How did the after-events go?

  2. zhi: i like to think I’m a spur of the moment person too, but in the right context – out in the ‘burbs at 12:30 AM is not the right moment/context. glad you had fun though!

    flipper: yeah and going home was pointless =P Next time! & thanks! :D

    Nathan: ah is ok, would have liked to catch up though =) March though! (already in my diary ;D) After events fizzled after everyone was much too tired, but managed to get some greasy greasy food in me at pancake parlour around 1 AM =)

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