Europe Review

Most Expensive City: London, hands down. Accommodation in Venice? 55 Euros. Almost equivalent accommodation in London? 55 Pounds.

Most Overrated City: Milan. It’s not that bloody special, and the shopping district is pretty average actually. City felt dirty, unsafe and just out-and-out sucky.

Most Overrated Museum/Monument/Art Gallery: The Louvre. The Mona Lisa specifically. Honourable Mention: Buckingham Palace.

Most Overrated Attraction: The Changing of the Guards. So very pointless.

Worst Restaurant Service: Paris. Rude French waiters are not a rule – some of the best service I had was in Nice – but Paris seems to have a very distinct style.

Coffee So Good You’ll Never Want To Leave: Rome. My oh my was it good coffee – grungy little cafe just behind the Colosseum.

Hello Vertigo: Top of the Leaning Tower. Honourable Mention: La Saguardia Familia, Barcelona, and The Eiffel Tower.

I Ate Too Much: Florence. But the food was sooooo gooood.

Sunsets to Silence Even Obnoxious American Tourists: Nice. Sunsets to make your inner artist cry at their beauty.

Great Value Award: Spain/Barcelona. Cheapest place in Europe that I went to.

You Know We Ain’t In Kansas Anymore: Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Bass That Makes Your Stomach Hurt: Ministry of Sound.

Most Bizarre Pub Name: The Snail and Cabbage.

Rollicking Good Time: Revolution bar, Soho. 6 shots of flavoured vodka for 10 pounds: Excellent Value.

Most Maddening Place in the History of Humanity: London Heathrow. There was an hour’s wait to get through security after check-in. If this place doesn’t get on your goat…

I Never Want to Eat It Again: Pizza. Honourable Mention: Ham. What is it with all the ham love?

I Need To Come Back Here Award: Monaco. Preferably with a Lamborghini underneath me.

(I’ll add more if I can think of any)

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