Under the Tuscan Sun

Ciao from Florence!

So I wanted to write a “Last Day in London” post, but things got so hectic that I barely had enough time to check that I had money in my account & leave. The post would have started with something along the lines of

The chill of winter is setting in, and the grey ceiling of clouds has all but settled in. I am out of here.

which would give you something of an idea of how ready I was then to just go home and sleep the next two weeks through (and let my poor liver recover from the many nights that lead up to that final day). I was considering calling Qantas, having my flight moved, and just slogging through the next week in Italy because I had already payed for the flight there…

And then I actually arrived in Italy, to 24 degrees of sunshine, blue skies and pleasant evenings. To historical buildings that up until now seemed just that little bit unreal, to delicious dinners to make your mouth water just looking at the menu. That was Rome – and that was disappointing compared to Florence, to long lazy lunches under the Tuscan sun. There really is the hint that the beautiful life, la dolce vita, is just out of sight, around the corner somewhere. I could live here, most definitely. (though occasionally I have reason to doubt the Romans invented plumbing)

I can say that today I woke up in Florence, had lunch in sight of the Leaning Tower in Pisa, and will finish the day in Venice. And that next week I will pass through Milan, stop for a day or two in Monaco, spend days in Barcelona, finish the week in London before finally, finally arriving home in Sydney to rest. And have my 21st at the end of the week after in Melbourne. Wow.

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Lucky bastard.
Have fun in Italy/Spain!

Btw, Matt’s getting married, so we are man down here!
So get you ass back here asap! :p

PS. Post some photos!

It’s good that you didn’t get to write that post because I roll my eyes whenever you start narrating about the weather and you have your tenses confused anyway.

Jeez! What are you doing in Italy… I wake up and read in the newspaper of a crime wave there and possibly the army being called in…

I know we don’t pay enough, but you gotta behave when you are in someone else’s backyard! :p

Take care

Kelson: stop using this as a noticeboard! but thanks for the heads-up – i’ll try to check when i’m at a decent net cafe…

Jack: hahah =) lucky then eh.

Fay: thanks! you bet =)

see ya guys soon eh.

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