Month: November 2006

  • Italy Photos up

    Florence, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Milan… Looking back, Italy is even more beautiful than I thought at the time.

  • Rule of Rose-coloured glasses

    The ‘family’ lobby is at it again, with calls for Australia to follow the lead of the Europe in forcing the removal of the game “Rule of Rose“, which puts the player in the shoes of a girl whose world is shaped by a bunch of other girls, the ‘bullies’. It’s a twist on the […]

  • 200 GB?!

    So I realised today I actually have 200 GB, not 2 as I imagined, of space for hosting… o.O; Photos from Europe will begin to find there way up there over the next week or two. (yet to come up with another domain name though)

  • Baking Summer

    A haze hangs over the city, and has for the last three days. The smell of smoke pervades, as bushfires in the Blue Mountains have burned for the last 3 days. It’s almost a constant of summer in Australia to have bushfires, but it seems that this year it’s going to be particularly fierce. Twice […]

  • TVs across world fear coming of Wii

    TVs around the world have reason to fear the Wii: Wiimote Rockets! Could get very expensive.

  • Thanks!

    Thank you one and all for coming to the party! I had a great time, even if I didn’t eat or get to spend the time with each and everyone that you thoroughly deserve. I still have many a tale to tell from London, so there’s plenty of talk to be had. Note for next […]

  • Europe Review

    Most Expensive City: London, hands down. Accommodation in Venice? 55 Euros. Almost equivalent accommodation in London? 55 Pounds. Most Overrated City: Milan. It’s not that bloody special, and the shopping district is pretty average actually. City felt dirty, unsafe and just out-and-out sucky. Most Overrated Museum/Monument/Art Gallery: The Louvre. The Mona Lisa specifically. Honourable Mention: […]

  • I think it’s me

    The suitcase was put away today, the contents having found their way to the spin cycle. I’m still not out of the traveller mindset completely, with many things scattered across my bedroom awaiting proper organisation of some sort. Jet lag appears to have waited for a day, finally catching up yesterday and delivering a right […]

  • Home and Hosed

    I’m home, at last. Boy, does it feel good. I think I’ll just lay out on this bed right here and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. See ya in the AM.

  • Speaking too Soon

    Perhaps it was the cold, or my friends having left, or maybe it was just one of those days, but it seems like the previous post was an age ago, none of its words entirely relevant anymore… As my train came down on Saturday night from the heights of Milan, I made my first attempt […]