Month: October 2006

  • Firefox 2.0

    Firefox 2.0 gone gold! Grab it now for in-browser live spell-checking and… um… stuff… Grab it, you!

  • Snap Review: The Departed

    The Departed: 8/10. The original (Infernal Affairs) is still better, but you gotta give it up to Scorsese.

  • Snap review of Diwali in Southhall

    Snap review of Diwali in Southhall: ohohoh so much fun. Must find way to be in India on Diwali next year.

  • Map of Middle Eastern Imperialism

    A timeline of the Middle East over 5000 years: How much fuss over what is basically the edge of a desert? (via)

  • IE7

    IE7 Broke My Site =( No more holly-hack? (hmmm, redesign time!)

  • Wishlist

    I’ve had a request for a gift registry type thing, but I don’t want to do that – I suppose for books/dvds etc my Amazon wishlist is a bit of a guide.

  • Want Out

    I want out. I’m over this whole training program, I’m over London, I’m over waking up each morning in that hotel bed, over catching that same over-crowded tube every morning, over this little niggly things that get to you when they build up some steam over time. I’m over the taste of the water, which […]

  • Friendship

    The Value of Networking

  • Ministry of Sound

    Snap review of Ministry of Sound: most eeeeeeeeeeeexcellent.

  • In the works

    It’s been an exciting week here in London – the weather has turned ugly! Rain, wind, generic miserable London weather prevades, and pretty much all the other (i.e. non-IT) graduates are gone. *sigh* I wanna go home… how nice is it there? The beeaaaaaaach! The beach awaits! Something exciting really did happen last week, though, […]