Bounjour from fair Paris!

I am typing on the craziest keyboard I’ve seen yet. The fullstop is a shift-key, the q is where a is and… migods, it’s hard to type.

Apologies for the lack of updates; there hasn’t exactly been a wealth of bloggable stories to put up, and there’s only so many times I can say “went out with friends again in the heart of London,” etc etc.

Anywho, this is much too painful too type for long. Paris is beautiful, and I’ve only been here an hour or two. Much to explore. See ya!

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:) I am so happy for you right now! You are doing what most people only dream of! (Do you know how many people in my current office would kill just to go to Europe for training of any kind?) Please take photos if you have the time~! And take care ^_^

“Take photos if you have time”? I took over 200 just in Paris! =D my biggest problem is uploading them somewhere and just finding time to organise &sort them… I’ll make sure I cut out all the multitude of crap photos in there too =)

And hey, visiting Paris doesn’t have to be a dream! It’s not cheap, but people do it all the time =) Deutsche’s not the only one that trains overseas =P

I do believe there will be a massive flow of traffic once your photos have been uploaded =P… By the way, I got the mail! Thanks *thumbs up*

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