Free internet at the airport!

gawds, can’t believe I’ve actually got booked on this flight and everything…

I’m actually going!! XD

much love to all my peeps who wished me well. I’ve got a list of addresses as long as my arm to send postcards to, but I figure in 8 weeks I’ll manage something!

Money change is such a rip off…

Anywho, teh excitement! boarding call!

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Woah, already going man?! Nobody told me! Have fun there, mate, and take photos of those rare English hotties! Good teeth = bonus points! =P

How cool is Chang-I Airport??!!?
I love that place! ^^
Did you sit in one of the gardens? The gardens are the best!

best of luck on your trip! hope you learn lots, and more importantly, have heaps of fun!
look afta yourself!~~

Thanks guys~

Ama: less rare than you think.

Celina: as always~

Hui-Ai: barely had enough time! I lounged on one of those banana chairs for about 5 min before my boarding call…

Fay: i hope I don’t learn lots, because I’m supposed to know most of this stuff already =P thanks anyway! =D

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