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Official Birthday Party Date Type Thing

Ok so the hall is booked and all – the official, final date is November 17th (Friday). I’d have preferred to have had it on the Saturday, but it seems if you want that you have to think of these things 6 months ahead, nearly. Who thinks that far ahead?

That or the Hall business is a lucrative one.

I’m expecting most people I invite to turn up because it is a Friday night and because it’s after exams (more or less) and … well coz it’s also sort of a farewellish type thing. My family’s moving up here next year, and that will mean my trips to Melbourne will be cut down (but I guarantee 2 trips a year at least… I do miss you guys!).

What I need from you now though is addresses, for the official invites (& for postcards/letters from London). If I’ve been over to your house, or have sent you something in the past, chances are I’ve already got your address, but if not, please email me (karanj at gmail dawt com). I may contact you directly, too, if you can provide address for others =)

p.s. that should make the choice easy for ya, Zhi :P

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