Ok, I’ve got to start packing, because I’m off in less than two weeks, and there will always be that last minute rush to pick up that one last thing that you’d normal not even remember because it was taken as given. I reckon though if I give it a head-start that last minute thing can show up a bit sooner. Maybe.

So maybe you can help me! I’ll list the items here as I remember that I need to pack them, and if you can think of anything that I’ve missed, let me know. I’m going for 10 weeks, so it’s by no means a short trip, and as it’s on the other side of the world in a much more expensive location I’d prefer to have everything first. So! List:

  • Toothbrush
  • Shaver, spare blades, and shaving cream
  • 1 week worth of underwear
  • Clothes etc (a given, but I didn’t want someone to get smart-ass on me)
  • Phone (+ charger)
  • Spare glasses
  • Travel documents + photocopies (again, the whole don’t-get-smart-ass)
  • Plug converter (both UK & Europe)
  • iPod (+ charger)
  • Camera (+ charger)
  • Deoderant
  • Towel!
  • Guide & Phrase book

Yet to get/gather but should imminently:

  • Travel diary-type-thing (reason for is complicated)
  • Addresses of key people (postcards et al)
  • Money in destination denominations

What am I forgetting? Tell me, dear readers!

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chicky: aww didn’t think of that kinda stuff :)

Mel: haha, have it already from my last trip, but I’ll confirm it before I go.

– Toothpaste
– Umbrella
– Medicine (panadol/codral/etc)
– Shoe (spare pair of leather shoe)
– Shoe polish
– Book(s) to read
– Teddy bear?

Oh.. one more important thing

A dozen alarm clocks!
You cannot afford to have any alarm clock disasters…

now that’s a list… hmmmm.

Celina: that’s good advice actually – went and bought two pens today, because they were just the kind i like and i just know I’ll need them there :D

and I can just see it now… 12 alarm clocks, all timed to go off one after the other, lined up from the bed to the bathroom…

– check
– I think I’ll be using the train more often in Europe – 5 hours is enough to get where I need to go, i think ;)
check oi! (that, via google, may come back to haunt me one day when I’m trying to get into the US…)

Fay: o.O Band-aid does it for me… any more and I’d have to ask someone else for instructions :P

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