Month: August 2006

  • Actually Packing

    When I actually start to pack, with serious intent, I start to realise that I’m actually going on this trip. I’ve always been slightly terrified of packing, leaving it to the last minute where possible. If anything, I’d love it if someone just packed everything for me and set me on my way. The reason […]

  • Blogger’s Block

    Danae is the new Daria, both of whom I love. Heh.

  • Overdue

    I’m well overdue for posting something here, but things have been, somewhat inevitably, hectic around here. I’m never able to be a comfortable packer – I always think I’m forgetting things that I take for granted, and as a reaction I end up packing more than I really need to. I’ve travelled enough times that […]

  • C’etait Un Rendezvous

    C’etait Un Rendezvous

  • New Design

    Welcome to Pushing the Sky v3, or as I’ll dub it, “The much-too-lazy edition”. I poked around wordpress for a weekend and a half, but I couldn’t come up with anything I spectacularly liked, so I stuck Hemmingway in there and think I made good. It’s a bit of a departure, ain’t it? Hmm. I’ve […]

  • 720 Dunk

    720 Dunk: *jaw drops*

  • Improv Everywhere Mission

    Improv Everywhere: Slo-mo shopping: I love these guys! I wanna do improv everywhere…

  • Oh… Bother.

    It would appear that I cannot simultaneously have a decent umbrella and a good scarf. Went and bought a good umbrella yesterday, for the London trip, and in the perfect way to top off a day that had just gone downhill from about 7:30 in the morning when I found out where I was staying […]

  • Buckingham Gate!

    This is where I’ll be staying in London: Buckingham Gate! And here’s a link to the apartments’ website.

  • Official Birthday Party Date Type Thing

    Ok so the hall is booked and all – the official, final date is November 17th (Friday). I’d have preferred to have had it on the Saturday, but it seems if you want that you have to think of these things 6 months ahead, nearly. Who thinks that far ahead? That or the Hall business […]