It’s the perverse, dark satisfaction you feel when you see right through someone’s act – it’s a evil, delicious knowledge, of just knowing that you know this person is acting, and hamming it up. If you could, you’d watch the reactions of those around, to see if anyone is fooled, to nod knowingly at the other people who perceive the fakery. But you can’t, because you can’t look away from the slow motion train wreck you can see unfolding. And you know when the moment comes you’ll laugh and you’ll sigh and say “i told you so,” and then you’ll cackle evilly. Because you’re human, and humans carry grudges, and it’s marvellous to see the begruged spiral themselves out of control.

You want to say more, but can’t without saying too much. Suffice to say, there’s a cynical smirk on your face.

pushing the sky v3 preview

My favourite design back at friendlygrocer was the Occasional Coarse Language one, my first design with WordPress and highly underutilised – the seasonal design rotation was both a blessing and a curse. That design even had an awesome splash page!


I’ve attempted in someway to recreate that initial feeling I had from that design. While this looks nothing at all like it, it’s still based on those same principles. While that design was a lot more about construction lines and my early explorations of CSS, this one is more about… well I don’t know really, the black-and-white photo era? draw the conclusions for yourself. Still have to balance it properly and get it more functional, and I want to do more than the aborted job this current design was. I get the feeling I talked about this before…

Coming soon, as the inevitable teaser posters always say.

Not Busy

It’s funny how when you find yourself with little to do, you get more agitated than when you have more than enough or too much to do. How it makes you feel guilty to say that “no, I’m not actually that busy at work…”. I suppose in the times when everything is hectic and it feels like there’s nowhere near enough hours in the day, that I’d look on times like these as idyllic paradise(s). But in the middle of it, it’s a different outlook…

To draw a bad analogy, it’s like going on holiday to a tropical resort – from a distance, it all looks marvellous, sunshine and lollipops in more than just the metaphorical sense. But when you’re there, the sun is just a little too hot, the air a little too humid and, ah fudgesticks, you just dropped your lollipop on the hot tar.

I’ll go find something to do now.


Some work around the house, a late long brunch, a poker night, sports spectating with friends, sleeping in till 11, a long lunch with older friends, and some basketball action to get the heart pumping.

This is what weekends are made of.