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Updated WordPress to 2.0.4, so let me know etc if there are any issues.

Will be in Melbourne next weekend & the following Monday because we get a Bank Holiday in NSW that day, and, funny that, I’m working in a bank :D Score! So yeah, hopefully may meet some people at some point. It is the last time I’ll be down before I leave for London, so chances are that I’ll be prioritising family time.

Also will be planning my 21st party… which will be 2 months after my actual birthday. Given that I’m off on the 1st of September, it’s gonna be difficult to come back here a week later :P Planned date is Nov 18th, a Saturday night, though the final details have yet to be finalised. Haven’t had a lot of feedback from people, I must say, when I asked them for their experiences, so gotta make it up as I go along I guess (obviously with the able assistance of my family). Consider this official notice to keep that night free.

Starting to scope out stuff and think about what to pack. Very scary in a way… I’ve travelled for that length of time (well nearly), but only to India, and the destination was always family. Living alone already means I know how to look after myself, but 2 months… is a long ass time. Definitely wish to keep in touch.

I have not had a reply from my first-round letter writers. Going to send a second round – i refuse to be frustrated so easily! – before I leave in the hope that by the time I get back they may have gotten around to writing a letter in reply. I’ll post up my details of where I’ll be staying in London as soon as I get them, so if you’re feeling particularly creative you can send it over there.

New design in the works, will have it within the next month.

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Er…November 18th is a definite impossibility; due to me going deaf at the Telstra Dome with 50,000 other screaming U2 fans. I’d like to come to yours man, so please please make it another day!

Moving for 1 person, who’s not a particularly attractive single female? I think frickin’ not ;P you can rock up after or something; there will be an afterparty-type thing.

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