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New Headphones

Stories abound of people getting mugged just for having those famous white headphones, so I went hunting last week for a new pair. That and I had medical advice that I better switch away from the in-ear headphones, meaning my choices were in the over-the-ear range. I strayed for all of 2 minutes into the sound-cancelling zone; the sound cancelling really does work, but gods, the price. THE PRICE, MAN. $250 for a pair of headphones that are as chunky as my attempts to chop up onions?! (woo bad mixed metaphor~)

In the end, I paid much-too-much anyway ($60) for this pair. I’ve always wanted to get the “street style” ones, mainly because the over-head band just wouldn’t cut it (bad past experience), and I couldn’t find any other style really. The first thought: oh, my, god, these things are sexy. the sound is so sexy. it’s like i’m hearing things i’ve never heard before, probably indicating they’re better than my computer speakers. no real surprise there, since i spent more on them than the computer speakers, but still. This was soon after followed by other thoughts, like “They barely fit on my big head” and “hey, I’ll get even more noticed now than the ubiquotous whities” and “well it increases the ‘pod’s battery life because i only need volume at a quarter”, and also “wow my ears aren’t cold anymore!”

Suffice to say, good money well spent, but completely missing the point of not getting mugged. Ah well, at least the doctor will be happy.

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A few of us gathered to have dinner last night (mainly for Dee’s belated birthday) and people mentioned you don’t keep in touch with them anymore! Except for Liching, who said she felt love since you send her some forwarding junk mail *lol*

BTW, Sydney might not be a good time to meet, I worked out the time I’ll have there is under 24 hours so it might be rushing it if we meet~ So save it for when you get back to celebrate your 21st? Aww *_* Karan is growing up! *sniffles*

haha, it’s a little hard to keep in touch over the distance… I guess my excuse is that i usually hung out with you guys at uni, so post-uni it’s a little difficult to have that in common :) but if forwarding shows some love, I’ve got plenty to give! :D but yeah, really should keep in touch… but whenever I think, “oh yeah I haven’t talked to x or y in a while… oh speaking of which, I’ve got to do z and m and oh crap I forgot about l >.<" so yeah. hey, I'd be happy to catch up for however short if you'll have me ^_^ up to you. My 21st will be Nov. 18th (Saturday night), so hopefully everyone will have been done by exams by then~

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