Not Busy

It’s funny how when you find yourself with little to do, you get more agitated than when you have more than enough or too much to do. How it makes you feel guilty to say that “no, I’m not actually that busy at work…”. I suppose in the times when everything is hectic and it feels like there’s nowhere near enough hours in the day, that I’d look on times like these as idyllic paradise(s). But in the middle of it, it’s a different outlook…

To draw a bad analogy, it’s like going on holiday to a tropical resort – from a distance, it all looks marvellous, sunshine and lollipops in more than just the metaphorical sense. But when you’re there, the sun is just a little too hot, the air a little too humid and, ah fudgesticks, you just dropped your lollipop on the hot tar.

I’ll go find something to do now.

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