Month: July 2006

  • Act III, Scene IV

    TWO PEOPLE, one MALE, one FEMALE, lying on a DOUBLE BED. It is A SUMMER NIGHT, and no lights are on inside THE APARTMENT, though LIGHT filters through the BILLOWING CURTAINS from the STREET OUTSIDE. The CAMERA zooms in from the door, taking in the scene. They are TALKING, IN SOFT WHISPERS. There is a […]

  • Updates

    Updated WordPress to 2.0.4, so let me know etc if there are any issues. Will be in Melbourne next weekend & the following Monday because we get a Bank Holiday in NSW that day, and, funny that, I’m working in a bank :D Score! So yeah, hopefully may meet some people at some point. It […]

  • Comments may be held against you

    Hey guys, Had an attack of spam recently (100 spam in one day) so I’ve chucked in a tougher spam catching system (Akismet). Unfortunately it’s a little more strict than it needs to be, so occasionally your comments will be held for moderation when they’re just normal ol’ comments. Bear with me, I’ll approve it […]

  • New Headphones

    Stories abound of people getting mugged just for having those famous white headphones, so I went hunting last week for a new pair. That and I had medical advice that I better switch away from the in-ear headphones, meaning my choices were in the over-the-ear range. I strayed for all of 2 minutes into the […]

  • Apple replaces discoloured MacBooks

    Apple will replace discoloured MacBooks: Where’s that Apple Store? [Update: I seriously could not find the Apple Store in Sydney, despite wandering around for 25 min. Anyone tell me where it is?]

  • Movie Roundup

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest: ★★★★ Good fun ride, but much like Kill Bill 1 or The Two Towers, it’s been stretched a little too long in order to justify release as a movie by itself, and basically has only half the plot it should have had, with the end leaving you hanging. […]

  • The Oil We Eat

    The Oil We Eat: Long and occasionally rambling but certainly thought provoking.

  • Stop Motion Space Invaders

    Human Space Invaders: ah, Creative Type People. Amusing =)

  • And we’re back

    Hi all, Normal service will resume shortly. Last weekend I did not read one blog, email or even think about signing in to MSN. I hooked up the computer to the TV in the lounge and cleared a backlog of movies, anime, TV shows etc that have been waiting to be seen for a while […]

  • Hiatus

    One week off. I promise myself that, once a year. I don’t know if I’ve already taken it off this year, but it seems like it’s about time for it. I’m going to deaddictify (real word!) myself from the net, focus back on other things. No blogs, no IM, no… no four hours in front […]