21st Feedback?

It may seem like a long way off, but I’ve got to start planning my 21st birthday party already. I’ll be in London on my actual birthday, so I’ve pretty much got to have everything organised before I leave so that I can have one as soon as I get back. Which will be like November, but that’s for another day.

So what I wanted to know was, from your own 21sts, what’s the feedback? What works? Formal, casual, theme, random, event, dinner, music, etc? I’ve been leaning towards formal for a while, mainly because I love the whole atmosphere of a formal setting, but I don’t know how popular it will end up being. I’ve been to a mix of parties, but would like a little perspective from those who’ve gone through the process themselves, so that I can make a more informed decision.

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Depends on your friends (and I only know a limited group).

– semi-format/neat casual
– dinner (a lot of finger food?)
– event

I don’t know…really depends on your friends. Your style and theirs.


and if you are sending out actual invites, and thinking about personally delivering to those who live close to you, DON’T. POSTIES are there for a reason, and they do a damn good job, even if you don’t put stamps on some of them. Unless you wrote the postcode wrong, in which case the invite will arrive a week late. >.>

not that this will apply to you since you live in Sydney, and don’t live close to anyone. ^_^

peter: lol that’s no help dude.

zhi: not dead yet, dude.

fay: lol yeah I’ll be using the post, but the invites will be written by the family

hmm and here I was leaning towards formal…

haha, yea… you can have a formal one. ^_^ I just prefer casual ones coz I’m too lazy to dressup…. ^_^

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