Australia 3 def. Japan 1

World Cup breaking news – Australia 3 (Cahill 84′ 89′, Aloisi 92′) def. Japan 1 (Nakazawa 26′)

I don’t even care that I tipped 2-1 and so miss out on a bonus 2 points =D

オーストラリア:3 日本:1 =P すまん、日本人たち、これは私たちの勝ちだ .

G’nite folks!

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  1. 何だよ!


    Meh…not that I really care anyway…

  2. Zhi: =) I think I did about the same.. at 1 am… in a cold house… by myself… felt a little sad afterwards.

    lol, Peter, what the hell are you saying? :P

  3. On the day after, the cover of the mX read: 血の美

    They said the translation was “You bloody beauty!”


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