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Life’s settled into a kind of regularity these days, which isn’t really conducive to creativity, so I’m just going to run through a little update of what’s happening…

  • Just crossed a major milestone at work, with things finally moving in the right direction (from development to test). Within a month or so I’ll actually have some work that people in the real world are using to earn real money. Which is scary in one sense, but gives me this buzz occasionally. Of course, we’re yet to “go live” so it could still end in tears
  • Am fiddling around the site a bit, prompted by WordPress 2.0.3 update. Realised I’ve gone at least two months without actually having the fixed list of links for everyone to see, which is bad ‘net citizenery really.
  • I’ve put in ZenPhoto for a photos page, which doesn’t have too much at the moment (just the cooking photos) but I think I’ll start putting more on there and moving away from registration-required-to-comment Flickr. Plus I don’t have the restriction of just 3 albums and 200 photos, without paying to go “pro” (which I think is a misnomer anyway). If anyone has any suggestions for photo gallery stuff, let me know.
  • Wanting to read more blogs, but have been unable to discover new stuff I actually want to read. If anything, I’ve been unsubscribing from blogs that are feeling like they’re in a rut – e.g., the Dilbert blog started out good, but now it’s just Scott Adams poking fun at people from his intellectual high ground. Any suggestions?
  • Watched X-Men 3, and waited for after the credits. Groaned. It felt like it needed so much more depth, and the fact that it was billed as “The Last Stand”, but a hook was left in for later makes it feel… well, sleazy is probably the wrong word, but definitely not a classic in my mind.
  • World Cup! The four-yearly sudden interest in soccer (“football”) has invariably risen again. It’s fun organising a tipping competition.
  • Looking for something to do this long weekend.

Also, feeling sorry for the people who’ve got to do exams. I feel for you, I really do. Best of luck, guys.

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i know i know, I’m going to freeze, but it’s FAR FAR AWAY FROM WORK!!!!


now if you were coming up to the mid-north coast in NSW, where the water is a balmy 20-21 degrees, I might say that was a good idea… in Melbourne though, experience tells me… well, you’ll learn =P

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