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Yellow on Black

It’s just so… yellow…

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well that and this car was originally shod in the yellow & black plates anyway… but over time you get used to it being one way, and this just stands out so much.

yeah, roadworthy every year. Though it seems the mechanics up here are a little more relaxed about it, because I did a roadworthy in victoria and they came up with a $800 bill to fix, and here it was just stamped & sent on its way… that or the guys up here actually know what a roadworthy car is, and down in Vic they rip you off right solid.

Heheh…. hm yes, my license plates are definitely not yellow (i.e. white), unless you pay more money for a decorated background.

Is that a Ford? I know very little about cars…

Yeah each state obviously has its own, and where I used to live last year – Victoria – has blue-on-white by default. I had to hand those plates in though…

It’s a Ford; it’s an Australia-only model so you probably wouldn’t have seen it on the roads of California. But of course there’s much more variety over there =)

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