Month: June 2006

  • Friend Flow Chart

    Copying… Some explanation – for the sake of simplicity, i didn’t include everyone I know, just those that are friends and are likely to see this =) The “…” signifies various multitudes of people at uni in my course. The greyed out ones in italics were those people who provided key contacts, but have since […]

  • Escapa!

    Escapa!: 18s is excellent, 2min is US Army pilot. My average is roughly 16s, highest is 24s.

  • Don’t buy a MacBook

    Some days I want to, some days I don’t – for various reasons. But it’s becoming fairly obvious that the MacBook is not Apple’s finest. Don’t buy it; wait and see if Apple acknowledges for once they have problems.

  • 21st Feedback?

    It may seem like a long way off, but I’ve got to start planning my 21st birthday party already. I’ll be in London on my actual birthday, so I’ve pretty much got to have everything organised before I leave so that I can have one as soon as I get back. Which will be like […]

  • Watch Grass Grow

    Hello, Internet. You haven’t yet fulfilled all my worldly desires. Like the ability to… say… kick back and watch grass grow! Oh right, you have. My bad. Paint drying anyone?

  • Joga Bonito lost

    It’d be suffice to say it’s over for the Aussies, that the World Cup has reverted to being a foreign oddity, and perhaps we’ll do better next time. Ah well. But no, fair sirs and madams, that is surely incorrect! This is a one-eyed supporter here, doing what one-eyed supporters do best! Blame-shift! Ah, the […]

  • Have we offended them?

    Singing: Where, oh where, have the UFOs gone? Have we offended them? I know, MIB II was bad, but c’mon, that’s no reason to give us the silent treatment.

  • Dell Laptop Explodes

    Dell Laptop Explodes: Concrete proof laptops are a danger to fertility (or indeed longevity).

  • I wonder…

    … if the stories I’m attracted to, the ones of unrequited, star-crossed love and poignant misunderstandings, shape my view of things somehow, so those stories that bore me, the stories of love requited, of complications sorted, those stories and the aspects that make up their core are somehow ignored; that somewhere in there, I’m really […]

  • Attn: New People Catching The Train

    Dear all new people catching the train, Yes, I realise that the price of petrol has gone significantly higher, and it’s now much more cost effective to catch the train than sit for an hour in traffic. Welcome to the public transport system, we’re (kinda) glad to have you here – more money in the […]