Officially a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree holder now, and thus can finally claim the term bachelor in all ernest. Or something to that end. Very exciting day, either way. If anyone ever says “oh there’s no point going to graduate”, tell them… well, tell them they can skip their own if they really want. Don’t skip yours, no matter how bad that gown/hat looks on you! (looked terrible on me, I know that)

Congrats to all my fellow graduating peeps – the quick run down the list gives shoutouts to Brendan, Chris, Li-‘Chingy’-ching, Kevin, Gareth, Fay, Eugene, Happy, and all the rest of them random semi-strangers who look so familiar but through my lack of effort over the years, alas, unnamed.

Update: Photos up on flickr

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  1. Eee! *^^* I’m SOOOOOOOO proud and excited for you!!! The gown and hat looks GOOD on you, so don’t say otherwise! ^_^ Graduation seems so exciting, I can’t wait till I have the chance to do the same~ And trust me I will NOT miss it for the world! ^_~ Congratulations!

  2. My mobile has been dead for a week now. I got a new one, Motorola L6. I have to look at it from a certain angle, or else it disappears from view. SO BLOODY THIN.

  3. KARAN~~~

    羨ましいなぁ~ ^^);

    …kinda slow with the congrats huh?? sorri ^^
    Thanks for the photos too, you guys looked awesome~

    Take care of yourself up there in Syd~
    お元気でね~ ^^)v

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