When I Grow Up

I want to be rich enough that an overnight 10% jump in petrol prices doesn’t faze me in the least. I wouldn’t even have to skimp on the caviar.

Until then… bloody hell >.< $50 for half a tank of fuel?! Are you crazy?

*most reluctantly hands over cash*

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You know what’s worse?
The weather’s getting colder, which means we need heaters.
And it get dark sooner, which means we need headlights.
Both of which consume energy; i.e. PETROL!!!


uh… electric/gas heater? hello? Australia has an overabundance of gas.

and headlights do not use more petrol!

(yeesh, talk about attack of the exclaimation marks)

Maybe she’s taking the mickey? Complaining to the point of exaggeration, constructing deliberately shaky arguments and eventually hinting to the larger problem of the idea that every single convenience we have is afforded by natural resources that will deplete regardless of how much we oppose it?

It could be a clever jab at the idea that kicking and screaming and crying about a problem will buy you little else except fellow constituents of the problem who are just as redundant as you.

I dunno, I tend not to underestimate Aiai.

I, on the other hand, tend not to overestimate her.

And also, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. So nyyyyyeeeeeh.

Jack knows me!!! ^_^

And I was refering to the heaters in the car, you know, since we were talking about cars and petrol and all. Honestly, how are you supposed to install a gas heater in one’s car???
And where does the car get energy for such things like headlights and heaters???
Ultimately, it’s PETROL!!!!!
So there!!


1. Headlights are electric. They are powered by the battery. The battery is recharged by the engine. The engine produces greater than the 14 Volts of power required to recharge the 12 Volt battery. Thus, if the headlights are in use, if anything, you’re being more efficient (wasting less energy) than when the headlights aren’t on.

2. The heater is run off the radiator, i.e. the engine heat, which is essentially a heat exchanger. By giving another outlet to the heat, you’re letting more heat dissipate than would directly, or at the worst you’re just redirecting the heat disspation. The only thing needed to move the hot air into the car is the fan. Which is powered off the battery. See above for remainder of argument.

On the other hand, the AC does use more petrol as it has a compressor, a small secondary motor powered by the engine (because running it off the battery would drain it). But the reverse is not true. Unless you have climate control.

don’t argue with me, biatches =P

Funny how the engineering department of your site doesn’t argue on that point. I thought you wouldn’t put foul language on your blog Karan?

By the way, there are the links to everybody’s pages?!

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