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I’m looking for a digital camera, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions based on their experiences. My criteria are:

  • Price should be capped at about $400, with a max of $500.
  • Memory card format needs to be either SD or Memory Stick (i.e. a Sony), as this is the cards I already have. Internal memory would be definite plus.
  • 3 megapixels or above.
  • Optical zoom > 4x or so.
  • Would be nice to have some fancy features.
  • Can be an upcoming model if it’s going to be released here in the next few months
  • Save-time/shutter speed is a factor

Can you guys help me out here?

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If there’s a JB Hi-Fi up there, go in and ask. They have a great selection! The missus and I have a Sony DSC-1, nice budget cam we bought for about $300, 4MPx and 3x optical zoom.

If you can find a good Sony one, you’re in luck.

You’ve given us all that information but you’ve neglected to tell us what you’re going to use it for!

Sony’s are nice, you can get really nice small cameras from them and they have decent lenses. on the otherhand they’re expensive because of Memory Sticks so what type of MS do you have?

If you want one that’s medium sized and still convenient you can get a really good value a410, has a decent balance of features quality and price, although if you pay a slighty bit more you should get the next model up (a510 I think) which has 4mp resolution and much better optical zoom (not sure about its size tho). You can get the a410 as a value pack which comes with a decent thermal printer and 4 extra rechargable batteries and charger. Memory is good because you can use SD and MMC (and they are dirt cheap) although you don’t get much to start off with.

It’s worth trying to look for a cheap Canon IXUS, by default they ARE comparitvely expensive BUT if you look for an older model they should be chaeper and they should have a good set of features, quality (since its their premium brand) and are generally quite small and good looking.

I personally would stick with Sony and Canon for small to midsized cameras. Do NOT get samsung or Kodak cos they suck and Fuji uses XD which is annoying.

Lastly ask the camera stores when they expect new models of cameras to come in as the current models generally drop in price signifigantly a month preceding this.

Well, can’t help you much with the camera issue except get one with stability control or whatever they call it…hehe…like I said…not much help.

Anyway, QC IS SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. I’m taking my time and I’m already up to #450.

zhi: I’ll check out the DSC-1

Regan: lol, for taking photos? =P Just generic really. Don’t want the SLR because I’m not going hardcore photo nut, but I want something better than my phone cam. Anyway, I’ll have a look at those models too. I’m hearing from a few people that the Canons are good, and I’ve always liked the Sonys. I have a Memory Stick Duo with my phone, and if I ever end up getting that PSP I’ll have the same in that. That’s why I figure I can get a Sony camera too…

Ama: heh “new home” might be pushing it :P But dude, that site is US based isn’t it? It’d be nice to have something for Australia with Aussie prices etc. And anyway, I’m asking for personal recommendations here because they usually work out =)

Peter: I think pretty much all of them have stability to control now… and QC… well, I don’t want to spoil anything >.>

Hey, I just bought a camera a little while ago!

If you want a sexy little point&shoot, look up the Canon Powershot SD550 (the one I have). It’s a decent camera that takes decent pictures (good enough for me anyway), as are all the other Canon Powershots from SD400 and up, as I hear. I haven’t had any problems with it yet. The attractive thing is they’re small (fits in your pocket) and supposedly good-quality. It also takes movies w/ sound of unlimited length and in different sizes/qualities (i.e. depending on the size memory card you have). At this point I highly recommend it. It uses an SD memory card by the way…

Its a good site for just reviews.. I haven’t perused it in a while, though, so I don’t know how it changed. They used to do really in-depth camera testing.

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