Dear Diary, part 2

Day 18

Actually getting out from work by the clock to make it in time for that train, those 5 minutes before. She was looking lost in thought today, and my train pulled in first. She looked up and directly at me before my train pulled out, the distance between us halved.

Day 19

She has a boyfriend, it seems. He was carrying flowers, and they were standing hand-in-hand.

Day 24

I know I haven’t written about that girl at the station in the last few days; I guess seeing she had a boyfriend threw whatever notions I may have had out of my head and I started avoiding that train instead of looking forward to it. But I was there again today, and this time she smiled at me. Confused. Seems to be something like a high school crush. How pathetic.

Day 25

As I put my ticket into the gate, she was there next to me – I glanced over and realised with a shock that it was her. I looked up at her face, and she looked back, a flash of recognition in her eyes. We were both late though, and ran to make our trains.

Day 27

Was talking to Ryan when she came up the stairs on the opposite platform. I couldn’t help but look over and give her a smile. Ryan won’t let it go now, and is calling her my station crush, to go with my former train crush, bus crush(es), and that crush when I was working at that pizza place back in uni. Ryan must be eliminated; he knows too much.

Day 30

She was crying today. Just quiet and not too obvious, but she was sitting down and had despair writ large over her face. Totally lacking an idea of how to deal with this. I looked the other way, again confused.

Day 31

She was quite clearly sad. Destroyed my mood for the night, couldn’t stop thinking what to do, or what could have happened. Any number of things, and I can’t do anything. I’m a total stranger.

Day 32/33/34

She’s still pretty sad. Weekend ahead going back to visit the family; will ask Emily for some advice.

Day 37

Serendipity, I believe they call it.

Long(er) story. She was standing in front of the ticket gates lost in thought, seemingly staring up at the next train displays. I saw the chance and stood next to her until she noticed. She looked at me after about a minute with a little bit of shock, I think. Her eyes were still rimmed red.

“Whatever made you lose that smile has got to be something pretty terrible,” I said, not looking at her directly, “so I was wondering if there was anything a stranger could do to help.”

She was silent, and then I looked at her. Her eyes scanned my face intensely, and something tripped a neuron in my head. She looks so damn familiar.

“No way…” she said, a note of disbelief in her voice.

I was lost. And then I saw it too, as the smile crept back onto her face for the first time in days. “Oh you’re kidding, right? After 10 years and on the other side of the world? Only you!” I said, laughing. We hugged for the first time in years.

I’ve found my Rachel again.

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yay!!!!! finally a happy ending somewhere!!!! yay!!!!!
It’s awesome karan… made my day, seriously!
sigh…I love happy endings….. ^________^

Huh? What? I’m confused!!!
Who’s this girl other than train crush?? Did you know her from before??
It sounds like a happy ending, but I’m confused!!! ><

Ayeahh I gotta fix that comment thing somehow… hui-ai, the rest of your comment was lost, if there was any… but i get the point that you need explaination…

Um. well the set up goes that 10 years ago, something happened (this perhaps? =D), but it was over much too quick (think “Before Sunset”; ask Jack if you haven’t seen it yet). 10 years have passed, and “I” have returned from the other side of the world (i.e. Europe or America or whatever). And now, out of the blue, this girl appears… who at first, from a distance, I don’t recognise, but suddenly I do, and we realise we’ve found each other again, after basically forgetting about it (since it was 10 years ago and on the other side of the world…) That explain it? Long lost love reunited.

sounds so damn… stereotypical… when I put it that way.

Oh and “Ryan” is “my” high school friend, so he knows about all the crushes I’ve had, and ‘train crush’ was a girl i had a crush on back in high school who happened to catch the same train daily. based on a true story >.>

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