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Work Photos

Ok so I finally sorted out the whole thing with the phone and got some photos off it… =)

Click through to the images if you want to see them bigger – phone camera is pretty terrible though.

my desk
My desk at work

view - too bright view - lv 14 with QEII
The view from my desk (too bright outside) and the view from three desks down – with the QEII leaving the harbour

QEII moored
The QEII, moored. It was bloody huuuuge.

DB Place
Deutsche Bank Place – I don’t work here (the new building) because IT is in the old building, but this is prettier. Our building has the view. The trade off is worth it.

Going home - 28th Feb Going home - 1st March Going home - 2nd March
The view from the station waiting to go home – I take a photo daily now =)

Button Repair - 1 Button Repair - 2 Button Repair - 3
And a sample of living on your own! I stitched two buttons back on after they fell off in the wash (don’t ask me). The stitching is messy and all over the place, but they’re attached dammit!

So yeah, you can see I’m documenting this life by crappy phone camera! Hope that was entertaining, or at least informative…


This Fish Runs Late

This Fish Runs Late: I very much know the experience – two days ago, I still had my towel in hand as I went out the door, meaning to put it up outside… ’round the back.

conversations with myself


Random observations that have stacked up:

  • I am really freaking unfit – okay, I know this in the vague sense already, but it hasn’t gotten better really. I played basketball on Sunday with a friend from school (Alan), and I was totally puffed within an hour. I used to be better than this. I need to lift my game.
  • There are a lot more Japanese in Sydney – I didn’t feel this 6 years ago when I lived here, but just wandering down the street in Sydney, chances are I’ll hear a word which catches my ear, and I’ll turn to see Japanese people just chatting away. It’s not just tourists, either.
  • Things go far better in my head – Approaching some of the aforementioned Japanese, in my head, is easy. Actually doing it on the other hand, not so easy. First I’m nervous to the point where my heartbeat rises noticeably – and it’s totally irrational – and when I do start to speak, I falter over words and phrases that should cause me no problems, caused me no problems earlier, and I’ve just rehearsed in my head. Either I’m so far out of practise I’ve lost confidence in myself, or … well, either way, at the moment it looks like I’ve lost that confidence in my Japanese that would let me speak it without feeling embarrased at my mistakes. It’s not just speaking Japanese, but that’s just something that has highlighted it for me.
  • Uni is far more of a comfort zone than you imagine – All that bitching you do about assignments not being specific enough? Yeah, welcome to the real world, where your manager kind of waves in your direction and says “Yeah you can take care of that, right?” and you realise you tuned out of the meeting roughly 5 minutes ago and have been staring out the window at the sun reflecting off the building next door. Uni rocks, dude.
  • Critical skill for working in the city: Judging revolving doors – I’m getting better, but the first couple of days I opted for the disabled bog-standard-door option. Why is it that city buildings must have a revolving door out front? If anyone can answer with something that makes sense, that’s a chocolate bar for ya. Which reminds me…
  • I’d near-instantly fall for a chick that isn’t so neurotic she can’t eat a chocolate bar – I thought this on the train as I saw a chick sitting opposite me – above average, but nothing exceptional – bite into a chocolate bar on the way in to whatever in the morning. I knew instantly she’d have a great personality. Not neurotic! Perfect.
  • Bulleted lists make things look worthwhile – as compared to say just blathering and ranting in no particular order, this now looks like there’s something by way of structure to it. Even if there’s really not.
  • Can’t think of any more observations that have a real point – but I have plenty of things to say if someone turns up for a coffee and is willing to listen. Living alone makes it hard to spill out those random things you think of, but have no one to say to.

Squirelly turns two

The Squirelly turns two: I link to this merely because of the Parental Satisfaction Survey that had me trying not to laugh out loud at work.


Personality thing

So I see a new post from Jack this morning, and it’s one of those things I thought Jack would never do, but I gladly lap up. It’s an intriguing one.

“Johari” – It’s like a personality matrix, with a bunch of characteristics. I’ve picked 6 personality traits I think are some of my strongest, and now it’s your turn – you guys pick 5 or 6 things you think about me (e.g. am I cheerful, proud, etc) and we find out how much my perceptions of myself match with those of my friends.

Give it a shot, for me =) (and no peeking. that’d be unfair.)
This is pretty much designed to go well (enough) as the personality traits are by and large positive, but if I’m feeling particularly curious, I might have a go at the “Nohari”, which is a negative take on the Johari personality options.