Dear Diary, part 1

Day 1

I saw this girl standing on the opposite platform today, waiting like I was. Almost exactly like I was actually – slouched at the end of day made much too long, iPod plugged into ears, staring off into the middle distance.

Day 3

I saw that girl (from a couple of days ago) again today. We made eye contact for a second across the tracks, but in the usual manner of strangers looked away nearly instantly when we realised eye contact had been made.

Day 5

She was there again (see about 2 days ago). Noticed she had medium length wavy hair. She wasn’t listening to her iPod today, but had a book in hand. Couldn’t tell which book – too far. Greenish cover.

Day 9

That girl at the station again. Noticed she has a gorgeous figure. Spent more time looking at her than down the tracks waiting for the train.

Day 10

She was there again. Eye contact made again, lingered for more than the usual.

Day 11

And again. Couple of consistent days now. She varies her hair daily, but for all that it’s still long and wavy. Intrigued. iPod is back, novel seems to have been finished. Made effort to smile at her, but I don’t know if it came out right or indeed at all, as she looked away without response.

Day 12

Smiled at her today and she smiled back. Small, quick smile, but a simple acknowledgment no less. Looks like I could have some fun here.

Day 13

She was sitting down today; either she managed to get a seat, or was tired. On phone until her train pulled in. Feeling little less happy; weekend ahead.

Day 16

Running late today; arrived just in time to see her disappear behind her train.

Day 17

Saw her again. Announcement came over PA expressing regret at being late, so I mouthed “Not Again” & rolled my eyes exaggeratedly (is that even a word?). She smiled back with a small shrug and put down her shopping bag. Her shirt today was a bright pink that really stood out.

8 replies on “Dear Diary, part 1”

So I’m conflicted here… gimmie some direction, peeps. Do I go down the realistic or the idealistic path? This is the split point.

awww its soooo cute
u should turn up with a big sign that says “want to grab a bite?” or something like that

oooohhhh remember that tea ad! the one with the funny fingers. and the guy picked up a chick on the other platform that way?

yes, be unexpected
do the thing that would never happen in real life…
time stops and you both board a train into another dimension

(I think I’ve become a really strange commenter)

see? kahiti has the right idea dude. not every one of your stories has to be about 2 people falling in/out of love. try some sci-fi. make the chick an alien.

aw….what???? it’s fiction???

it reminds me of the MTV for “bad day”…….

do something beautiful…. I can use a happy ending nowadays……

lol, can i get away with saying it’s “based on a true story” then?

something beautiful… and something unexpected… hmmm. I’ll try for that.

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