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Tuesday Questions

So in the vain hope of trying to put something regular into this blog, I’m going to send out a call for questions. Ask me a question, any question, one question per commenter, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

I’ll return with the answers in a week’s time; this gives me time to research if someone asks me an oddball question like “How many fins on a Stegosaurus?” or something (please don’t).

Personal questions will be answered as honestly as possible, but some may be turned down. The boudaries are pretty wide here though, because otherwise it wouldn’t work.

5 replies on “Tuesday Questions”

would you pay $320 AUD for a DSLite?

That’s the price I can definately get it for, I don’t need to pay for shipping or duty etc.
If I do get one it will definately be in my hands in 2 weeks.

Is it worth it, considering these following factors?

It will probably retail for less than $200 when it does get released.
There is no release date for Australia as yet, although some non-official people in other forums have speculated August as the release date for the US (and if that’s true I have no idea how much later AUS will get it).
I’ve been meaning to get a DS since the start of the year, though i have held off buying since I heard that I DS Lite would be released (and replacing the DS).
If im not buying it I will be probably getting a normal DS.
As of now I’m not heavy gamer but that’s because I have to make time to sit infront of the tv to play my PS2 because I don’t have a portable).

your opinion please! (and I need this reply by thursday afternoon, Karan!)

you need it by thursday? geez, demanding! :P

Personally, the immediate answer is no, because I wouldn’t buy a DS. Some quick research shows me it’s not that much smaller than the DS, but it does seem to be a bit less chunky and more stylish. However… as this doesn’t improve the gameplay one iota, the question boils down to: do you want to look stylish, or just play the games?

If you’re angling for stylish, I’d say get a PSP. Price premium, to be sure, but it’s by far the sexier beast.

If on the other hand you want gameplay, get a DS. Or wait. $120 is at least worth a couple of games. Normal DSes are supposed to disappear by the northern hemisphere autumn, so expect them to disappear from here by the Christmas sales. On the other hand, there is always the whole hey-look-at-my-flash-new-toy-none-of-you-can-get-yet feeling. But is it worth $120? That’s a question for you to consider.

In the (guessing) five or so wisdom building years you’ve had over me, with all the life lessons you’ve learned… what would you say is the worst fashion fad ever?

Just kidding, but I don’t have any good questions at the moment… Here’s a longish one: What is the best thing about true disappointment/”failure”, if there is one, in your opinion? Personally and for humanity as a whole?

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