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Over the Weekend…

A few things I thought of over the weekend:

– There are 793 billionaires in the world. So if we take into account the mafioso and the drug barons who wouldn’t be on that list, let’s say there was a round figure of roughly a 1000. That’s… 0.0000166..7% of the world’s population. One billionaire per 6 million people, give or take. I want to be in that “club”. Seriously. That’s a bloody exclusive club. Millionaire doesn’t mean anything any more, dammit.

– I guess I’m a fairly regular airplane traveller now. Security check etc are practically automatic, as is checking in and everything. I remember the days when I’d go in with a nervous grin, but now it’s far more standard – I’m almost frustrated now at the people who don’t fly regularly and take their damn sweet time getting on and everything. I’m still astounded every time they get all those tonnes off the ground, though – I’m just waiting for them one day to charge down the runway, slow down half way and go “No, sorry people, we were just kidding. You didn’t seriously believe we’d get this monstrosity in the air did you?”

– Oh My God the Cricket – Australia score 434, sit back and wait for the inevitable win. South Africa, however, are reading their own script… and score 438 with a ball and a wicket to spare. Cue disbelief. Want replay, highlights.

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zhi: it was the fact that both managed to score that much. I love the comment that one newspaper made – “We’ll soon need to form SPCB: the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bowlers” =D

celina: I guess I should say that I’m paraphrasing some guy there =) Millionaire doesn’t mean as much any more because the value of money is dropping – a house in a good location in Melbourne would be worth a fair chunk of a million. While that isn’t exactly common, it’s still far more within reach now…

In Japan on the other hand a “millionaire” might be a particularly hard working part-time job holder… =P

Dude, you can’t say things like that about aircraft knowing that there are engineering students reading this. It puts you in too much danger of getting an explanation about how and why aircraft work. :P

lol, i know enough about aircraft and flight dude, but it still feels like a minor miracle =) I say the same thing about cruise ships – those things just shouldn’t be afloat, but they are.

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