Month: February 2006

  • London Training Dates Confirmed

    Heads up y’all: I will be in London from September 4th to October 27th. I’ll probably go on a trip through Europe right after, but because it’d be nearly winter I’m thinking to keep it shorter than I was originally thinking, and then pop back in Melbourne for a few days or a week, which […]

  • Dreaming

    Woke up this morning a minute or so before my alarm – something my body manages to instinctively start doing about a week after getting into a regular waking time, and it’s totally frustrating when I want to sleep in. I remembered the last dream I had, which I presume was moments before I woke […]

  • One of those days

    When you spend an entire day achieving nothing except sweating in the heat… you know, it’s really been one of those days. When you probably have spoken, hell expressed in any form, less than 1000 words, you know it’s been one of those days. Today has been one of those days.

  • Gillette Fusion

    The Gillette Fusion: Now with 5 blades! (Plus another one mounted backwards) When will the madness end?

  • Visited: MCA Sydney

    Visited the MCA today during lunchtime, to see the Kienholz exhibit – drawn in particularly by the promo pic of the Statute of Liberty holding up a neon sign saying “It’s not my fault” – great image. For the rest of the exhibit however, I realised I’m not much suited to the appreciation of contempary […]

  • From the inside

    No-one ever tells you, up front, that the first few weeks on the job are going to be boring. That you’ll get given no work, and you’ll have to sit there and fill the tedious hours, trying to make it look like you’re actually doing something while all you’re really doing is twiddling your thumbs. […]

  • 9 Things I do not miss about Melbourne

    Having my nose blocked, all the time – Melbourne has a class of pollen that go above and beyond the call of duty, making my life bloody miserable. Being able to breathe freely is a vastly underestimated privilege The bloody weather – I think there’s only been one day here in the last 3 weeks […]

  • 9 Things I Miss About Melbourne

    Good cafes and restaurants – living in Knox spoilt me as much as going to school in the city. It may not seem like much, but the quality and number of cafes & restaurants in Melbourne is far and above what is here in Sydney. Maybe I just live in the wrong place, but there […]

  • The Game played out

    I suppose it’s wrong to post a “review” of sorts when you’re still 10 to 15 pages from the end of the book, but I want to write while it’s still fresh from reading on the train. The Game plays out like a two-parter. The first half of the book is Neil Strauss as his […]

  • The Game by Neil Strauss

    I’ve had rave reviews about this book; I’ve had people tell me it is the bible for the average guy trying to work out how to actually pick up women; I’ve got at least 3 friends sufficiently drawn into this book and its teachings that they are looking at taking it to the next level. […]