I wuz gonna post something long…

… but I got distracted by a lovely afternoon spent as one would if one were 15 with nothing better to do. At the “mall”.

Anyway, by all accounts, I am off to Sydney tomorrow morning and I will stagnate there for a couple of days (read: watch movies, read books, eat popcorn, do all the things my parents tell me not to do and do them all day.) before work starts on Monday. I hope to have access all set, but due to the extreme lag Australian ADSL seems to take from application to activation it’ll be dialup and I don’t quite know how I’ll cope. Slowly, I suppose.

Until such time my friends… au revoir!

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well dude, the new site is up and running with the old site’s design

i do have a (hopefully do-able) funky design in mind for the it. that’s my new post

Hey, sorry i wasn’t there to see you off!

Good luck with everything, and i hope to see you soon…

Take care,

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend…

Ignore the first bit, its just that the damn song’s been playing on repeat in my head all day.

See ya when your parents tug on your chain =D

*graps wildly at clothes* …. to hold u back…. nothing else…. ahahaha :P

be safe. tell me if anyone picks on u. i go up and do some face bashing for ya ;)

z: little bit of advice re the wordpress theme – start with something that’s already together and then work from there. it’s a lot of work.

nathan: lol dialup ain’t that bad really. it’s like I’m downloading something really big at the same time. I eagerly await it to finish downloading :P

eugene: duuuuude! enjoying the USA?

celina: hahah well if the trip was melbourne -> sydney, the hour long flight was peppered with babies crying and old chinese grandmas gossiping, but otherwise all good =)

z: what, you coming up? :P I’ll be down in a month or so

ama: shhhhhhhhh that’s secret. What happened on Brokeback campus stays on campus.

chicky: sorry! didn’t get a chance to see you right before I left :( Gonna miss your bubbly self. Them KKs are waiting for you.

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